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We will turn your interior ideas into reality – we will offer optimal design solutions, design and produce furniture for your office, hotel, shop or cafe. The technical possibilities of furniture production allow us to use various materials – metal, wood panels, natural acrylic stone, so we can implement each project.

  • Offices
    • Office furniture sets
    • Office tables
    • Office cabinets
    • Office chairs
    • Acoustical partitions


  • Hotels
    • Hotel furniture sets
    • Hotel solid cabinet furniture
    • Hotel soft furniture
    • Hotel equipping/fit-out


  • Shops
    • Shop equipment
    • Shop shelves, racks
    • Shop cupboards
    • Shop counters
    • Shop showcases/cabinets
    • Shop interior design


  • Public spaces
    • Furniture sets
    • Tables, chairs
    • Solid cabinet furniture
    • Soft furniture
    • Interior design

    Public spaces

  • Restaurants
    • Restaurant furniture sets
    • Restaurant tables and chairs
    • Restaurant bars
    • Solid cabinet furniture for restaurants
    • Soft furniture for restaurants


  • Exibitions
    • Exhibition stands
    • Exhibition furniture
    • Exhibition showcases
    • Exposition stands


Newest projects
  • 2018 / 05 / 31

    Still thinking how you could renew your office environment? Metal products are perfect for this! For example, the Happspace Office is equipped with a leisure area, where spaces are divided by perforated partitions and decorated by minimalist flower pots. Solutions serve their purposes when the modern design is combined with practical materials!

  • 2018 / 04 / 06

    As globalisation accelerates, businesspeople both in Lithuania and abroad are trying to keep up with times by investing not only in improving employee competencies, but also in improving the working environment. The strategy of modern business, which becomes more and more popular, is to use all possible means, which would help to perform a work […]

  • 2018 / 01 / 11

    Acrylic stone is a material used by architects and interior designers. It is valued for its unique features and unlimited design possibilities. HI-MACS Natural acrylic stone HI-MACS® is a solid, resistant and non-toxic material made up of natural minerals (75 per cent) and a mixture of acrylic resin. This material is designed for both residential […]